Solar Instillation Has Started in the City of Carbondale

City officials in Carbondale have announced that construction is starting on three solar energy projects. Solar panels will be put in at the city’s Civic Center, the Public Safety Center, and the Southeast Waste Water Treatment Plant. When the project is finished it will be 1.37 megawatts and provide around 1.875 million kilowatt-hours of energy that is both renewable and clean to the city. The city of Carbondale authorized these projects through an RFP process in October of last year and they have also agreed to buy the energy from the systems for an average price of $.053 per kilowatt-hour for twenty-five years. The company StraightUp Solar is constructing these projects and the company is a solar development, installation, and O&M provider which is based in the cities of St. Louis and Bloomington Illinois. Straight up Solar developed this project with the help of Hawk-Attollo, LLC. Anyone who wants to find out more information can do so by contacting Public Relations at 618-559-1939.




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