Members of the Cape Girardeau County Commission Take Vote to Increase Budget for County Collectors Office

Members of the Cape Girardeau County Commission recently passed a motion that will increase the county coroner’s budget by a total $23,000 to handle third quarter costs of 2020. Officials say the coverage currently is $12,000 on that line because of previous 2019 autopsy that needed to be done that were billed this year. Along with the $12,000 for 2019 autopsies, the coroner’s office currently has a couple of autopsy bills which are currently admirable. One of the bills is worth $1,000 and the other is worth around $2,500. They also have additional expenses f $882.79, $5,100 and $522.55 for a total of $22,005.34 needed to cover overages in the first three quarters of the calendar year. Additionally, commission members also tasked the coroner’s office with making their fourth quarter expenses known to them through the first two weeks of December. Officials say they made the recommendation to go ahead and raise the coroner’s budget by a total of $23,000 at the current time in order to pay for the third quarter costs of this previous year and then see if the Cape Girardeau County Coroner’s Office can come up with their expenses to a certain date by the end of the week and try to narrow that down so they don’t have much to carry over to the next year.

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