Despite COVID19 2020 Was a Record Year for Taxable Spending in Cape Girardeau County

Evan though there was economic turmoil all over the country because of the coronavirus pandemic consumers spent over $1.5 billion on taxable goods in Cape Girardeau County in 2020. County officials received their twelfth and final monthly 2020 sales-tax payment from members of the Missouri Department of Revenue last week and it added to a record-setting total for 2020. Cape Girardeau County’s half-cent sales tax added on a total of $717,564.02 to the county treasury this month. This total constituted an increase of 12.32% increase over the total sales-tax the county received in December of last year. This year, Cape County’s sales tax brought about a record total of $7,791,131.24.  This total was $414,742.18 more than the old record of $7,376,389.06 which was set last year. Recently, the county’s sales-tax revenue has gone up on a yearly basis , but typically by less than 0.4%, except three years ago when Cape Girardeau County received nearly .9% more in sales-tax receipts than it did the previous year.

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