Sikeston City Officials Having Discussions about Building New Fire Station

After putting up with structural and flooding issues for several years at Sikeston Fire Station Number 2 a replacement could possibly be in the near future. During Monday’s Sikeston City Council meeting, the, the council recognized the five-year capital improvement plan. Recognizing this plan doesn’t allocate funds to any projects, but it does rank projects by the order that city officials view as being important and a new fire station is the highest priority. Officials say the city’s current fire station has two major problems, such as not being resistant to earthquakes. They also say they have concerns about the ability of the roof to make it through major earthquakes without falling in. Another problem with the current facility is flooding, officials say. Officials say they possess pictures s of the front bay doors closed with a foot of water up against those doors and in the majority of these events  like that they will simply open those bay doors and let water flow through off of Main Street through the fire station and out the back and down the hill.  In addition, groundwater is an issue with any substantial rain storm as the water table gets higher the living quarters toward the back of the building take on water. Officials say the next step would be to a preliminary architectural report completed in the future. They also say while there has been a lot of discussions, , constructing to fire stations would be more expensive than  city officials would want and the extra  manpower the project would take to man an extra fire station would be costly as well.












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