Oak Ridge Schools Have Put Mask Mandate in Place

The Oak Ridge School District recently put a mask mandate in place and it will remain in effect for all students who are in the second grade and above until further notice.  Officials say before, the Board of Education stated face coverings were recommended, but now it’s clear to all students what the current expectations are and the students have been relatively good about wearing their masks. The school district had transitioned to distance learning for one week before Thanksgiving break because of a high increase in the number of positive COVID 19 referrals and quarantining cases of staff and students. Officials say they’ve had to shut down (the district) twice already; there was a ten day shutdown on campus during the current semester for junior and senior high students and a separate seven-day cessation of regular instruction for K-12 pupils. Officials say school board members will have a meeting Tuesday to revisit the order.  The final day of student attendance prior to Christmas break is December 17, 2020.

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