New Madrid County Residents Encouraged to Wear a Mask

For the time being there won’t be a mask mandate in New Madrid County. After a meeting with officials from around the county, county health officials asked each of them to go back to their communities and advocate the public to put on their masks. If this doesn’t decrease the number of coronavirus cases in the county local health officials will put a mask mandate in place. Officials say even though there is not a mask mandate it is important that residents are aware of the impact of the virus has had on the county. As of Wednesday, there have been 1,377 cases of COVID 19 in the county. On Monday there were 23 new cases with another 19 reported on Tuesday and 17 new cases on Wednesday. Currently there are 61 active cases in the county. To assist in spreading the word about the need to wear masks and additional information about COVID 19 officials with the New Madrid County R-1 School District offered to use their message service to distribute information. Officials say wearing a mask is something they’ve had to stay on top of and be strong about, but it will not be easy to say to everybody in this county they have to wear a mask.

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