Cape Girardeau County’s Unemployment Rate Continues to Decrease

Half a year after recording an unemployment rate of almost ten percent Cape Girardeau County’s most recent unemployment percentage is almost as low it was before the COVID-19 pandemic started. Officials with the Missouri Department of Labor and Industrial Relations recently revealed the unemployment rate for each county in the region and it revealed that Cape County’s rate fell to 3.3 percent in October. This unemployment rate is just two-tenths of a point below September’s unemployment rate of 3.5 percent. Last month’s unemployment rate was over half a dozen percentage points less than the county’s unemployment rate in April of 9.5 percent. The unemployment rate was so high then because thousands of employees were either laid off or furloughed due to the COVID 19 pandemic business closings. The lowest rate for unemployment in Cape Girardeau County was 3.2 percent for February and October’s unemployment rate only one tenth of a percentage point above this rate. The total number of initial claims for jobless benefits within Cape Girardeau County during the month of October dipped to 327 from 402 that were filed the month before and a total of 477 filed back in August. The state’s unemployment rate in October was 4.6 percent which was three tenths of a percentage point below the state’s 4.9 percent unemployment rate for September and 5.6% below the state’s highest unemployment rate in April.


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