Kentucky Governor Announces$395,000 Grant to Fight Commercial Vehicle Use Tax Evasion

Kentucky’s Governor, recently announced that officials with the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) and Kentucky Justice and Public Safety Cabinet were awarded d a $395,000 federal grant for a joint project to fight a form of tax evasion by heavy commercial trucks. Officials say Operators of commercial vehicles have to pay their fair share for use of the state’s public roads and bridges and anything less is unfair to conscientious, law-abiding operators and to taxpayers who ultimately pay for the state’s transportation system. The majority of this grant from the U.S. Department of Transportation – $250,000 will be utilized to fund equipment, training and execution of an enforcement blitz for police officers with the Kentucky State Police Division of Commercial Vehicle Enforcement (CVE) as well as auditors of the KYTC Division of Motor Carriers and Division of Road Fund Audits. The current plan calls for having enforcement blitzes at weigh stations and along bypass routes – secondary roads used by unscrupulous carriers to circumvent weigh stations. These two agencies have had a partnership for years to identify and find major violators. This grant will assist with increasing enforcement in the form of strategic blitzes, rather than funding routine, ongoing enforcement. Officials say Enforcement blitzes have been utilized several times and they have proven to be a cost-effective way to recover millions of dollars in late taxes. The other part of the grant – $145,000 – will be utilized for funding a comprehensive study with a focus of making it easier for authorities to verify carriers’ tax status.

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