Historical Survey of the Uptown Jackson Area Has Started

A historic architectural survey of Uptown Jackson has started and the last report is expected to be revealed in June. The survey is being taken by RDG Planning and Design, and they will assess the historical significance of both properties and buildings which are located in the Uptown Jackson area. The final results from this survey will be utilized to create a local list of historically significant properties as well as recommendations from this survey could possibly nominate single properties or districts to the National Register of Historic Places. Officials say that this survey covers the Uptown Jackson area and Mary Street is the farthest north the survey will go and the survey will go down to the city cemetery. Officials with RDG Planning & Design, say they are currently documenting all of the buildings that are located within the area of the survey and  they go building by building – taking pictures and taking down notes on the style of the architecture and details, and then they do research. They then attempt to put together a narrative history of the city from its earliest days until now. City officials will utilize the last report and recommendations to contact property owners about preservation and whether they would be interested in proceeding with local or national historic designations.

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