Tax Receipt Numbers in Cape Girardeau County Continue to Rise

The most recent numbers in regards to sales tax in Cape Girardeau County are continuing to outpace presumptions.  Numbers which were revealed last week by officials with the  Cape County Collector’s Office  reveal that Cape Girardeau County received a total of $525,565.25  of sales tax receipts this month, that was as 5.25% more than  the county recorded in November of last year. So far in 2020, is running nearly 5.1% of the pace for 2019 and there has been a total of $7,065.343.74 collected in sales tax receipts so far this year. The total that was collected in 2019 was $7,376,389.06 and this total was a record. Cape Girardeau County’s ‘s use tax, which is generated by both -of-state and online commerce, is currently running nearly  38.7% ahead of  the rate for 2019. Officials say the county received a total of  $176,745.52 through its use tax this month. This is 36.6% more than the total of $129,338.37 the county received in use-tax revenue at this point last year. Currently, Cape Girardeau County’s use tax has brought about a total of $1,641,155.52 in 2020. The total for this year  is far above the record total of almost $1.3 million brought about in 2019.




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