WGU Missouri Now Providing Scholarship to Veterans, Military Members and Their Families

Officials with the online institution of WGU Missouri recently announced they have partnered with the National Military Family Association to provide a total of $50,000 worth of scholarship funds to veterans and current servicemen and women as well as their spouses and children to give them the opportunity to further their education. The Military Appreciation Scholarship is currently available to all of the institutions new students who have the interest in obtaining a bachelor’s or masters degree in the sixty different fields that WGU offers and the offered programs include education, information technology business and health professionals. Each one of these scholarships has a total value of $2,000 for every student and they will be applied at a rate of $500 for every half year term and they can be used for a total of four terms. This scholarship is available to all new students who have been admitted to the university and they qualify as either a retired veteran or current military member a military spouse or child. The scholarship will be awarded to these students based on their current academic record, how prepared they are to take online coursework and their current competency among others. To find out additional information about the Military Appreciation Scholarship residents can visit www.wgu.edu.

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