There Are Training Grants Available to Individuals and Businesses Suffering from Pandemic

Grants that provide technical training and funding for the citizens of Cape Girardeau and businesses that were affected in any way by the coronavirus pandemic are being made available on behalf of Codefi in Cape Girardeau. These grants provide funding for a three-month web development program as well as accessibility to the curriculum that is utilized in Codefi’s currant Code Labs course, along with office hours with coding professionals to allow in –person guidance. When the coursework is finished grant awardees’ will be assured entry into Code Labs Full Stack, which is an in-person class that begins in July. This course was made to be a taken after the Code Labs course. People who have lost money and they are interested in beginning their own business, or who want to start a business due to the coronavirus and any current business owners that had a business in Cape Girardeau County  before March of this year , and have lost income because of the coronavirus  are also invited to apply for startup and business development grants. All applications will be taken until, Sunday, November 29, 2020. Anyone who wants to find out additional information can contact Codefi at 573-335-9675.

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