Cape Girardeau County Commissioners Give Their Approval to Bridge Replacements

Members of the Cape Girardeau County Commission recently approved the replacement of bridges on a couple of county roads. Members of the Cape Girardeau County Commission gave their approval unanimously to a proposal by city officials to replace a bridge located on County Road 420 and a bridge on County Road 436. The total cost of both these replacements was not determined at the commission meeting and it will be paid for with a combination of county and state road and bridge construction funds. In addition, the commissioners also gave their approval to movements to renew Cape Girardeau County’s current employee health insurance policies and liability policies and a request from the Cape Girardeau Area Magnet for a payment that is worth $5,006.30 to recoup the Cape Girardeau County Club for buying personal protective equipment and other costs connected to the coronavirus. The county’s Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act fund will pay for these expenses.


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