Three Rivers Community College Now offering in-demand Program Focused on Behavioral Health

Officials at Three Rivers Community College in Popular Bluff have started a new Associate of Applied Science degree program in Behavioral Health Support which will provide their students with the skills necessary for an in-demand career in both the mental and behavioral health fields. This new program is a year and a half long and it provides graduates with the skill set for an entry-level position as a support professional in the areas of education, disabilities, psychiatric care, addiction and mental health. All students who take part in the program will finish two field practicums where they will receive hands – on training to get them ready to support clients in several behavioral and mental health settings. The new program has an element of general education along with a concentration in behavioral health studies. Officials with the Office of Administration, Division of Personnel predict that students who earn an associate’s degree in this field will earn a salary of around $32,000 per year. The last day for students to apply for this program is December 1, 2020. Students who are interested in taking part in the program are required to complete an application and meet certain criteria to be accepted into the program. In addition, students also have to finish a free Three Rivers application.

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