State Law Makers Conduct Meeting at the Capital to Talk About CARES Act Funding

Missouri lawmakers are currently working in the state capital in order to access additional COVID-19 relief money. This is part of Missouri’s more than one-billion-dollar supplemental budget. Officials say there is already CARES Act money out there that needs to be spent by the time the calendar year concludes. Local officials in Cape Girardeau County say they have distributed out almost all of the more than $9.2 million in funding the county has received by reimbursing, businesses, health departments and schools for costs and any supplies that were related to COVID 19. Leaders in Perry County were awarded almost $2.5 million in funding and it was used mainly for schools and health departments. Officials say their goal is to ensure that all the CARES Act money is spent in the right way. The measure will be sent to the senate next.

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