COVID 19 Has Pushed Back Several Cancer Screenings

Back on March 13, 2020 President Trump declared a national emergency to help stop the spread of the coronavirus. In addition to many non-essential businesses closing, several healthcare providers stopped having cancer screenings to cut down on the risk of exposure to COVID 19. Cancer screenings is one of the soonest interventions and certain types of cancer progress at a rapid rate and months without finding them through screenings could result in their being not as many options for treatment. Officials say that when patients are not getting asymptomatic screenings, cancers aren’t being detected because this is what detects the early cases prior to them becoming clinically meaningful. The American Cancer Society had an approximant eighty-seven percent decrease in mammography screenings from the end of February to the start of April all over the country. Officials say St. Francis Healthcare had about 500 cancer screenings from March through May that have been rescheduled. At Saint Francis Healthcare the numbers of colorectal and cervical and mammogram screenings have decreased by forty-five percent between March and May compared to 2019. Another drawback to delaying cancer screenings is oncologists could see more advanced   stages of cancers when they are found.

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