All Sikeston R-6 Schools to Transition to Virtual Learning on Friday

All Sikeston R-6 Schools will make the transition to all virtual instruction on Friday and the whole district will be closed until November 30, 2020. Officials say Education and the safety of all of their students and staff is their top priority and at this time the increasing number of positive cases of staff members and the shortage of substitute teachers in their district makes it impossible for them to provide quality education and supervision for all students and classrooms. District officials say they hope that this will give the time that is necessary for all students and staff members to recover and to slow the spread of the coronavirus in the community and in the district. Students will utilize Google Classroom and/or paper packets to work from home and educators will talk directly with parents and guardians regarding continuity of education over this time. For any elementary students who do not have access to any technology devices at their place of residence, educators will send paper packets home with them on Thursday so they will be able to work from home. All parents and guardians will be able to pick up breakfast and lunch daily from 11 a.m. to 12:30 every day, starting on November 16, 2020 and additional information will be provided before then. When the district is closed down every common area will be deeply cleaned and sanitized.

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