Four Medical Marijuana Dispensaries to Begin Operations in the Region Next Month

When the calendar flips to December a few medical marijuana dispensaries will open their doors for business in the region. Officials said the doors to the Greenlight dispensary will open in the middle of next month on 1001 Broadway Street and this dispensary will be one of four Greenlight dispensaries   coming to the region. Officials say the other three dispensaries that are coming to the area will be located in Haiti, Sikeston and Popular Bluff and they are excited to bring this to the region. They also say they want to be part of those communities and do their part to bring the medication to patients who are looking for it. Officials say there are two separate factors that are keeping them from opening these dispensaries at the current time, one is building the structures and preparing them for their patients as well as getting product for their patients. Officials say the state is having an issue getting product into the market and they don’t want this to be an issue in the future. Officials say their goal is to get their first harvest completed and to be able to bring product and have a constant inventory for their patients in those areas and then to grow from there. They also say that individuals who have qualifying conditions need to begin meeting  with a medical professional now to  receive their letter of recommendation from that doctor and after that they should apply through the state  to actually get their medical card.


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