City of Perryville Establishes New Mobile App

The City of Perryville recently got an online facelift with an update to the city’s official webpage City officials say that every four years, the company they work with gives them a full re- design of the website and it is important to keep it fresh and they want to showcase the city in the right way. In addition to the city’s website getting a new look and functionality for citizens who utilize it, officials also approved the city’s first mobile application. The new app has several new features for citizens to utilize including, being able to pay utility bills, see program updates, and registration for Parks and Recreation programs among several others. City officials say the app won’t be difficult to use and it will keep residents updated.  The new app is free for IPhone and Android users and it will be listed as PerryvilleMO on both the iTunes and Google Play app stores and residents will be able to down load the new app in a few days. Officials say their building department has included a new program where residents can actually schedule a building inspection in the evening for the following day. They also say they think it would be really great for contractors who run out of time or forget in the afternoon to get one scheduled. Officials say they are really excited about the app and they say this is just another way to put more information closer to residents they serve.

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