Cape Girardeau County’s Unemployment Rate Drops in September

Officials with Missouri’s Department of Labor and Industrial Relations recently released Missouri’s unemployment data for September and the data revealed that several parts of Missouri, along with Cape Girardeau County fell to levels that they were at before COVID 19 hit. Missouri’s overall unemployment rate in September was around 1.5% higher than were it sat last winter and almost two percent above the unemployment rate at the same time during the last calendar year. The total number of first-time claims for unemployment benefits is still over twice as high as what it was prior to COVID 19 taking effect.  The unemployment rate for Cape Girardeau County for the month of September was 3.5%. This only a little bit higher than the unemployment rate of 3.2% for February just before COVID 19 hit the county. The county’s unemployment rate was six percent in August and it was 9.5% in April. The total number of first time jobless claims in the county was 402 for September and this number is more than twice as high as the total number of first time unemployment claims in the county before COVID 19 hit. In the entire calendar year before the coronavirus took hold there was an average of around 150 jobless claims made in the county.




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