New Commission Approved 911 Contract Will Lower Fees for Cape Girardeau County

Cape Girardeau County’s current 911 phone bill will be nearly cut in half starting next month. City officials say their bill probably is going to decrease from $11, 0000 each month to about 5 or $6,000. Members of the Cape Girardeau County Commission gave their approval to a new three-year 911 telephone service contract with AT&T at their most recent commission meeting. This new contract gets rid of some lines and services that became unnecessary after county officials and Jackson city officials amalgamated their 911 emergency dispatch centers at an earlier point in the year. This new approved contract has an 88% savings in trunk line expenses included in it, which go from nearly $5,000 to $578 every month and this is a savings of over $53,000 a year in just line fees. Officials say, originally, the 911 trunk lines came to the county and then were distributed to the City of Jackson and the City of Cape Girardeau and now they’ve amalgamated dispatches inside the city of Jackson and the county, so over the past few months, they’ve been carefully working alongside AT&T to try to figure out which lines were needed and which ones they don’t and they’re at the point now they can eliminate those lines.

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