Cape Girardeau County’s Assessor’s Office Launches New Mapping Website

A new online property mapping system assures to be quicker and easier for residents to utilize than the previous system that was provided by the Cape Girardeau County Assessor’s Office. Residents can access this new system through the assessor’s web portal,  From this point residents can start a property inquiry by clicking on the Real Estate Search or they can go straight to the property maps by clicking on the link that says GIS Maps. These two links can be located on the portal’s home page. Officials say this system is hosted by CAMAvision, so they will no longer be driving traffic to their local servers anymore and due to this move residents should notice a faster speed while working through the maps. They also say the property values that are listed for each parcel in the system meditate the most current certified year and they are updated every year after new values, ARE determined by members of the county’s Board of Equalization, In addition, a change to maps and property ownership information is also updated as soon as employee’s of the Cape Girardeau County Assessor’s office receive the new information. Officials say their goal is to provide optimum resources for their local tax payer’s within the framework they have to maintain and functionality is still being put on the new website and additional layers will be populated in the days to follow.



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