Big River Broadband Bringing Fiber Optic Cable to the Area

One of the problems of residing in rural areas is having slow internet connectivity and a lack of broadband for accomplishing tasks. A higher number people are streaming their favorite forms of entertainment off the Internet rather than renting or purchasing DVDs or watching cable or satellite television. Big River Communications is providing a solution to fix this problem to the local area. For a cost of $25.00, workers will attach a gray box that is nearly the size of a Bible to the exterior of the homes of citizens and run a fiber optic cable from the pole to their domicile. This will make homes in the area fiber-optic ready. Residents will have the option to stop at this point if they don’t want fiber optic access in their home. They can also pay to have it installed and connected inside their home. Big River Broadband and Jackson city officials are currently working out a deal for fiber optic cables to be strung on the city’s utility poles. Currently, a total of 1,325 poles have been identified and this will provide fiber optic connectivity for forty percent of the city. The rest of the city will be provided service by a buried fiber optic cable. When it is approved, it will take around a year to complete the installation. Big River then will expand their fiber-optic cable connectivity into Cape Girardeau, starting on the north end of town.

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