Fast Food Restaurants Making Adjustments to COVID 19 Pandemic

Fast food restaurants in the Cape Girardeau area closed down their dining areas in March when the COVID 19 pandemic hit, but many fast food restaurants have drive- through windows so they can serve food to customers that way or they could deliver the food to ensure the safety of their employees. Officials with the National Restaurant Association say the industry has been hit hard by the COVID 19 pandemic, because restaurant and food service sales losses have exceeded $185 billion from  March to August. Local restaurant owners say the delivery and curbside options that are currently being offered have assisted their business greatly because a higher percentage of their current customers are having their food delivered to them than ever before. One of them said they just have to adapt to the new normal and the curbside option has assisted them greatly, so they are looking into additional opportunities to ensure their employees and guests are safe. Local restaurants have increased their sanitary measures including, doubling hand-washing intervals, spraying disinfectant to protect their workers and requiring masks and gloves even before it was required to ensure the safety of everyone. The restaurant industry will keep over 240 billion in losses by the end of the year, officials say.

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