Court Dates Set for Men Accused of Child Abuse and Torturing an Animal

A Man accused of Child Abuse A man facing a child abuse charge and a man facing a charge of torturing an animal both appeared in court on Thursday. Officials say 25-year-old David Saunders and 27-year-old Mylas Jeffers both had their cases bound over to a grand jury. Their arraignment date is scheduled for December 17 at 8:30. Jeffers is facing a charge of torture of a dog or cat with serious physical injury or death and theft of identity of another without consent. He was arrested after authorities were contacted authorities on September 23 with security footage that reportedly showed Jeffers throwing a kitten approximately thirty feet into the air. Jeffers allegedly gave detectives a fake name, and then later admitted it was his brother’s name. During the interview, Jeffers allegedly told officers that he threw the kitten because it bit him. Saunders is facing a charge of first-degree criminal abuse after detectives were called to a local hospital on October 7 after a staff member reported a case of possible child abuse. Deputies said Saunders brought in a 3-year-old boy who had been in his care for six days. The child reportedly had a fractured arm and suspicious bruising. Detectives say Saunders later admitted that he inflicted all of the injuries, doing so out of anger and frustration.





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