New Price Increases Proposed for Jackson Civic Center

Rental rates and other prices may rise at the Jackson Civic Center if members of the Jackson Board of Alderman accept a new rate schedule that was recently recommended by members of the city’s park board. The Jackson aldermen reevaluated and revised the proposed rental rates during their most recent study session on Monday night. Under these revised rates, that the park board gave their approval to on October 12, 2020, the price to rent any of the facility’s meeting rooms will go up by $10. The rate change that was recently proposed also will raise the price to rent the gym at the Jackson Civic Center by $100 from $700 to $800 and from $400 to $500 for civic and not-for-profit groups. In addition, wedding reception rental prices will rise by $50 from $650 to $700 and for birthday parties the proposed rate for next year will be $100, instead of $85. Officials say the change in rental rate is a reflection of the rise in the costs for staff members due to the Missouri Proposition B being passed two years ago, which put in place  a schedule to raise minimum wage by 85 cents annually until 2023. They also say there has been a great increase in Civic Center utilization over the past couple of years. Members of the Jackson Board of Aldermen are expected to take a vote on the matter in November.

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