Teenage Driving Deaths Have Gone Down by 74% in the Past 13 Years

.Illinois state officials say teen driving deaths have decreased in the state over the past thirteen years by 74%. The announcement was made during National Teen Driver Safety Week, which is a yearly event to raise awareness and encourage discussions between parents and their teenagers about the hazards they face while on the roadways. Data from the Illinois Department of Transportation revealed that there has been a decrease in teen driver deaths after an overhaul of Illinois graduated driver licensing laws went into effect twelve years ago. Thirteen years ago a total of 155 adolescent motorists were killed in crashes and eleven years later this number decreased to 48. During the last calendar year only 41 adolescent motorists died in crashes in Illinois.  Officials encourage parents to talk to teens about behaviors needed for safe driving, like wearing their seatbelts and obeying the speed limit. To find out more information about Illinois s GDL program, visit cyberdriveillinois.com.

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