Local Schools Provided Cleaning Products by Buchheit Stores

Buchheit stores in Perryville and Jackson recently made a donation of $6,000 worth of electronic cleaning equipment to the local schools in their respective communities. The Jackson R-2 School District was given a total of 802 containers of Blow Off Electronic Cleaning Wipes along with 118 foaming screen cleaning wipes and 113 Isopropyl alcohol wipes. Perry Count School District #32 was given a total of 792 packs of Blow Off Electronic Cleaning Wipes, 96 cans of electronic grade Isopropyl alcohol and 110 packs of Blow Off Screen Cleaning Kits. With several educators and students learning in remote and hybrid environments, Buchheit’s donated the supplies to assist students in taking better care of their electronic devices. Officials say the cleaning products will be put to great use for their students and staff members to help them stay healthy and safe.

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