Arial Photo Project in the Works in Cape Girardeau County

Members of the Cape Girardeau County Commission recently authorized for the County Ambassador to receive bids to have aerial pictures taken  f every square foot of the county’s 586 square miles which is more than   16.3 billion square feet). Officials expect to only receive a bid for this project from agleView Technologies out of Rochester, New York. County officials have worked alongside EagleView on three other aerial mapping projects over the past eleven years. The aerial pictures will assist he assessor’s field employees work remotely from their residences or their office they work on mapping and property assessment projects. Officials say it helps them with their field reviews and they are asked by the state  to do a complete review every other year and with staffing and funding the way it is, it can take more than a two-year cycle to  finish the review. Aerial pictures will be combined with maps of property lines. Officials say this allows them to really compare from one year to another and help them find changes in properties. Next spring’s photography flights will probably happen in March when there are fewer leaves on trees to obstruct ground views and the position of the sun will produce fewer shadows than at other times of the year, officials say. This project has an estimated cost of $278,000.

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