Local Marijuana Dispensaries Could Take Longer to Open Than Those in Metropolitan Areas

Medical marijuana could be available for use in some parts of the state within a few days, but it could be a couple months or maybe the first of the year before it becomes available in either Jackson or Cape Girardeau. Officials say some dispensaries have already opened their doors as they were already selling non-marijuana products and the state is really close to seeing sales begin to occur at two testing laboratories and multiple cultivation facilities have gained approval. It has almost been two years since state voters approved the state’s medical marijuana program. Over the last couple of years the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services has brought about statewide oversight and licensing procedures for the refinement, testing, manufacturing, transportation and dispersion of cannabis for all patients who are qualified. Evan though some outlets in some of the state’s bigger  metropolitan areas could begin retail sales within  just a matter of days many dispensary developers in Cape Girardeau and the surrounding area say they don’t expect to open their doors  until December or January. Officials at Missouri Holdings LLC say they are about to start renovations at their site and they are targeting an opening in early next year. Greenlight , a dispensary that is being developed in Cape Girardeau, is owned and operated by Cape Girardeau Investments LLC and the dispensary is located at 1001 Broadway. In addition, there will be dispensaries in Hayti, Popular Bluff and Sikeston Representatives say the dispensaries should be ready for commencement (inspections) by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services next month. This is a step that is mandatory by the state before they allow   any medical marijuana licensee to begin operations. Currently in Jackson, work is 90% finished at The Herbalist dispensary, officials say. Members of Missouri Medical Marijuana Collective LLC are planning on opening dispensaries in both Jackson and Kennett. Officials say their dispensaries will probably go through the commencement inspection process next month, but they probably won’t open their doors until the first of the year when product becomes more plentiful.

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