Southeast Missouri State University Installs air purifiers in Every Classroom to Fight COVID 19

In order to help keep students in the classroom for normal classes during the ongoing COVID 19 pandemic Southeast Missouri State University officials have had 277 air purifiers put in all the classrooms including the  River Campus as well as the classrooms at the regional campuses in Sikeston and Kennett. Officials also say the Alen BreatheSmart units cost between $349 and $649 and these units are being paid for out of funds from the county’s Coronavirus Aid, Recovery and Economic Security (CARES) Act. These purifiers are devices that cover a maximum of 1,100 square feet and university officials say these filters are basically high efficiency filters that have a fan to spread the air within the (classroom) space to indoor air quality and bigger classroom spaces at the university will have two BreatheSmart units. The university’s Emergency Response Team developed a Protect the Nest initiative earlier this year to combat the coronavirus. University officials got rid of the university’s this semester to mitigate the effects of COVID 19 and all students will be instructed remotely after Thanksgiving.




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