Sales Tax Receipts in Cape Girardeau County Continue to Rise

The sales tax revenue for Cape Girardeau County looks to be headed toward record levels this year even though the nation has had an economic downturn due to the coronavirus pandemic. County officials say the county received a total of $624,000.48 in monthly sales tax revenue. This amount is 7.13% more than the county received for October during the last calendar year. So far this year, the sales tax payments the county has received are currently running 5.08% ahead of last year’s pace with a total of $6,539,778.49 received by last week up from a total of $6,223,878.32 that the county received at the same point in 2019. Cape Girardeau County’s use tax, that is commonly a tax on online purchases, has already spawned more revenue this year than it did last year. Last week, county officials received a total payment of $103,436.36 for last month. This total is 71.65% more than the total of $60,260.30 in use-tax revenue they received at the same point last year. Through nine and a half months, Cape County’s use tax has brought forth a total of 1,464,410, which is 38.9% more than the county raised at the same point last year.

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