Southeast Missouri State University Officials Propose Not Having a Spring Break This Semester

Southeast Missouri State University officials recently released an open letter to members of the university that proposed pandemic-driven changes to the calendar for the spring semester. Members of the university’s Board of Regents were notified last week of the tentative plan made by the members of the school’s Emergency Response Team (ERT) in alliance with the faculty Senate, Student Government, the Student Success Council, Enrollment Management and the Dean’s Council. The university’s Emergency Response Team consists of 25 individuals from around the university, including faculty, staff and students.  The proposed changes if they are put into effect would change the schedule and would serve to preserve what officials called the safety value in the midst of the coronavirus. The proposed plan calls for:

Starting the spring semester on January 25, 2021 rather than January 19, 2020.

Not having a spring break

Officials say the decision on whether or not to have a spring break has not yet been made, but it has to be made soon and students and staff will be able to see the schedule for the spring semester starting next Monday. Officials say a final plan will be determined by Friday and if it is possible for changes to be made to the proposal they will be. This proposed plan calls for the spring semester to conclude as originally scheduled on May 14, 2020.

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