Cape Girardeau City Council Approves Redevelopment Plan for Former Prohibition Facility

Members of the Cape Girardeau City Council recently gave their approval to a proposal for redevelopment for a new coffee shop and high-end living space in the old Pitter’s Lounge building on 811 Broadway. The projected $1.29 million development is to be partly funded with a $476,689 tax-increment financing (TIF) allotment that was made possible because of the structures blighted naming by officials with the Southeast Missouri Regional Planning and Economic Development Commission. Because of this city officials could continue to expect diminished property tax revenue from now on and nothing from sales-tax receipts. Restoreme LLC of Cape Girardeau is the developer of the renovation project and company officials are planning to put a half dozen luxury apartments in the 11,556-square-foot structure that was most recently known as Pitter’s Lounge. Officials want to put four apartments on the second floor and two on the ground floor. They also plan to run a café that will be called Speakeasy Coffee, on the bottom level.  Officials say it has been it has been a long process in receiving the funding to purchase he run-down structure and they plan to have the half dozen apartments ready for lease and have the coffee shop ready for business in the early part of 2022.


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