Missouri Department of Revenue Stops Sending Out Notices of Changes in Sales Tax Rate

In what is seemingly a move to cut their budget, the Missouri Department of Revenue seems to have stopped sending out notices to restaurants retailers and other businesses to notify them of changes in sales tax rates. Cape Girardeau County officials discussed this matter last week at a County Commission meeting. Officials say The Department of Revenue sent out and email which said they will no longer send out courtesy rate notification letters to tax payers that are inside any taxing jurisdiction of any changes they make to sales tax rates. Because of this there could be times in which businesses collecting sales taxes may not necessary know when they should start collecting the county’s  new law enforcement sales tax  that local voters approved back in June and it becomes affective  on the first day of October. Officials say the Missouri Department of Revenue didn’t give a reason for not sending out notifications, but they suspect it’s to do with budgeting. The Department of Revenue’s email they sent out that confirmed the policy change made the  suggestion that  counties and other taxing jurisdictions can notify taxpayers  who were affected in anyway by this change. Local officials say they believe this change in policy is the Department of Revenue’s way of encouraging businesses to file their sales tax payments on the internet through their portal, accessible at www.mytax.mo.gov, which will figure sales tax rates automatically.

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