Chaffee Middle and High Schools Transition to District’s Red Plan Because of COVID 19

Both the junior high and high school in Chaffee has made the transition to the school district’s Red Plan.  This transition means that every middle school and high school student will be utilizing physical materials or Google classroom off campus and the expected return date to regular classes is on Thursday, October 1, 2020. The elementary school will still be in operation for on campus classes on-site, with students at full capacity. District officials say the decision was made because of the increasing number of students being placed on quarantine in addition to several quarantined students with coronavirus -like symptoms. While the Red Plan is in place all extracurricular activities even homecoming events will be either canceled or postponed until next Friday. Officials also say due to the change in off-site instruction, fall sports activities have not been canceled and they will actively seek to make-up as many events as possible. In addition, they say all Cape Career and Technology Center and Cape College Center students are expected to attend regular classes in person unless they were instructed to quarantine.

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