The Cape Girardeau County Clerk’s Office Has New Feature on Their Website to Track Absentee Ballots

The coronavirus pandemic is projected to bring an unprecedented call for both mail-in and absentee ballots throughout the nation. Cape Girardeau city officials say they want local voters to have a feeling of security by knowing the votes they casted were counted. Like several other states throughout the country, Missouri will allow residents to vote absentee if they are at risk for COVID 19. Officials say residents can cast absentee ballot using this reason to allow them to not have to go to the polls or not have to go out in a public setting. Officials say due to more residents voting absentee this year, the County Clerk’s office has added a feature to their website that helps local residents to track their ballots. Officials also say residents will now if it’s been sent to them so they can be expecting it or whether it’s been received back to the clerk’s office so they know it’s in their hands and waiting to be counted on the day of the election. Officials also say they are really happy to see that the county clerk’s office is taking these steps.

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