Free Meals Being Offered to School Children in Popular Bluff for the Entire Fall Semester

The Poplar Bluff R-I School District has partnered with with Chartwells to offer free school meals to students for the rest of the fall semester , or for a longer period of time Congressionally appropriated funding is made available. Members of the e U.S. Department of Agriculture extended the waiver for operators of the summer food service program two weeks ago due to the coronavirus pandemic. Free school meals were available before to students in pre-K through third, under the Community Eligibility Program. Right Now, the Middle School, Junior High and High School students are able to enjoy free school meals, including breakfast and lunch, and soon dinner to-go. Officials say these services will allow school nutrition professionals to focus on nourishing hungry school children for success, rather than rushing in order to processes needed paperwork to verify eligibility in the midst of a pandemic. Reimbursements will be processed on the accounts of students for all the meals that were paid for out of pocket since the program started this school year.


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