Southeast Missouri State Residence Life Officials Takes Additional Procedure for Cleaning

During this semester, the entire campus of Southeast Missouri State is enforcing cleaning procedures to ensure the safety of everyone on campus and Residence Life is one department on campus that is taking additional precautions to ensure the dormitories are free of the coronavirus. Officials say residents assistants are now required to provide supplemental sanitation in addition to the cleaning procedures that are performed by the custodial staff. Resident assistants are required sanitize all the daily touch points such as buttons on elevators and the handles of doors while they go around during night time hours and they go around about two or three times every night in the residence hall they work in until 12 ‘o’clock. In addition, to cleaning services there are also restrictions to how many guests any resident can have in their rooms with them at any given time. They can only have one guest with them inside their room at a given time. Officials say guests are considered to be anyone who doesn’t live in the residence hall or they are not a university student. Because of limited staff the number of guest requests is kept track of through the use of an honor system and all students who live in the residence halls have been made aware of this and it can also be found in the residential handbook. Officials say if anyone sees a violation of this rule they should tell the residence hall directors and the issue will be addressed with the right student.

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