Jackson City Officials Take Action to Replace Low Water Bridges

Jackson city officials took steps last Wednesday to start the replacement of  a couple dangerous low-water bridges over Hubble Creek in  City Park. Members of the Board of Aldermen gave their authorization to Smith & Co. Engineers from Poplar Bluff to be the engineers for the Hubble Ford Low Water Crossing Replacement Project. The project comes with a price tag of $36,000.  A new single lane bridge will be designed and the project will go out for bid within a year. The total cost for Hubble ford is projected to cost between $300,000 and $400,000. The Hubble ford project is the higher a priority of the two bridge projects and will be constructed first. City officials are currently applying for grants to assist in paying for the cost of replacing both bridges. If officials receive a grant, construction on the two bridges could be finished sooner. Officials say they would like to see a time line for the projects and this matter will be discussed once more in a study session on Monday.

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