Both Sales and Use Tax Continue to Surpass Expectations in Cape Girardeau County

The most recent sales tax data that was revealed last week by county officials still continues to exceed expectations, especially, in the uncertain times of the coronavirus pandemic. County officials revealed that the county received a total of $807,608 this month, and most of the revenue was mainly from retail sales within the county over last month. The total was 10.12% greater than what the county received in September of last year. So far this year, Cape Girardeau County has received a total of $5,915,778.01 from its sales tax. This is 4.86% ahead of last year. Evan though officials are not certain of what’s behind the strong retail sales within the county they think it is centered around Cape Girardeau County’s current position as the biggest retail  hub in the region with many major retailers in Cape Girardeau and Jackson. The county’s use tax that is brought forth by out-of-state sales that include purchases made through internet retailers and this is also currently setting new records in regards to county revenue. So far this month, Cape Girardeau County has received a total of d $144,154.59 in use-tax receipts, which is mainly because of purchases made over the internet by local residents over the past month. This total was 30.1% greater than the use-tax revenue the county received in September of 2019. So far this year the county’s use tax has brought forth a total of $1,360,973.64, almost 37% more than the amount Cape Girardeau County received at this point during the last calendar year. For the whole calendar year last year, Cape County received a total of $1,291,487.12 from its use tax.

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