Bootheel Regional Planning Commission Provides Grant to Repave Streets in Morley Missouri

There will soon be more paved streets in Morley Missouri for the public to drive on. City officials say a grant that was worth around $200,000 was recently awarded to the city by members of the Bootheel Regional Planning Commission in Dexter. The whole project will cost around $300,000. Around twenty percent of city’s streets will be paved and some streets that have never been paved before will be paved. Officials say that the streets that were never paved before are the main priority of the project. City officials say when the project is finished there will no longer be gravel streets for the city to maintain. They also say that when the gravel streets are paved all streets that are currently in disrepair because of sewer system that was put in many years ago will get a new paving. The project is scheduled to start next week and to last three to four weeks.

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