Cape Girardeau County Commissioners Approve CARES Act Reimbursements

A total of nine businesses and organizations were recently approved for a total of $45,444.31 in Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act funding by the Cape Girardeau County Commission. The Cape Girardeau Area Magnet received and reviewed every application from non-public sector sources putting the information into a spreadsheet and then sending that information on to county commissioners. The total that was recently approved is less than one-tenth of the whole amount that was requested, that was n excess of $460,000.  The first part of CARES Act funding is purely to reimburse for expenses that are straight away related to COVID-19, officials say. They also say The Cape Girardeau Area Magnet didn’t t make funding recommendations, but they compiled the information at the commission’s request. Coronavirus related expenses that are Acceptable are personal protection equipment (PPE), sanitizer, shields, dividers and masks. Expenses that organizations and businesses cannot be reimbursed for include, laptops, expenses related to working from home and lost wages. Some of the public sector grants that made as  coronavirus related reimbursements include, Schaefer’s Electrical Enclosures  $20,323.37, Cape Girardeau Area Chamber of Commerce — $9,622.27, and Drury Development Corp. Hotels — $5,417.77, among others. The Cape Girardeau Area Magnet will serve as a pass-through for each payment. County officials will cut a check to the Magnet that will then spread out the approved funding to the organizations. Officials say that all organizations are required to prove the expenses were non-budgeted.  In addition, every business that is interested is required to fill out sixteen pages as well as providing by-laws, a budget, a certificate of good standing and receipts, and other additional requests. Officials with the Cape Girardeau Area Magnet say they expect to receive more  applications for CARES Act reimbursement through the end of the year.

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