Master Plan for Vacant Golf Course Revealed

For many years the former Bootheel Golf Course has been vacant, but it has been used primarily as a walking trail for citizens who want to exercise.  Sometime, in the future, these currant options could increase because a new master plan for the use of old vacant course has been revealed. City officials bought the Bootheel Golf Course six years ago and now Gateway Design Studio from St. Louis  and the 15 Group have produced a master plan which includes the addition of  more baseball and softball fields , pickleball courts, a miniature golf course, splash pads along with an indoor recreation center and several other amenities. Officials say this master plan is a long-term development of the park. The developed master plan includes several new additions to the current Sikeston Recreation Complex. One of these new additions is an indoor recreation center that is like the one in Cape Girardeau, only it is smaller. The new recreation center would provide a place for the city to host indoor sports like basketball and volleyball and practice for baseball. The addition of more softball and baseball fields will become an engine for economics for the city to attract  different teams and tournaments  from out of the area to the city, officials say. In addition, the master plan includes the Field of Dreams/Miracle Field, that will be made for children of all ages who have special needs.

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