City Officials in Sikeston to Pay Reaming Balance to Complete Fountain Project

Sikeston city officials will have to pay more than $12,000 in order for the Legion Park Fountain project to be finished. During Monday’s City Council meeting, commission members gave their permission to city staff members to move forward with the project and pay for the rest of the $12,833 and work will begin as soon as possible. Last year, members of Historic Downtown Sikeston and city officials started work on the fountain project along with the contracting with Hydrodramatics for the fountain design and the parts that were all worth a total of $71,600. Whenever the necessary parts were shipped numerous key parts were not included in the shipment the shipment. This left several plumbing and electrical parts still being needed and the whole price of items needed totaled $14,833.  Historic Downtown Sikeston has around $2,000 left over to go towards the project, but because of the organization’s two major fundraising events The Wine Festival and St. Patrick’s Day being canceled because of COVID 19, the organization does not have the funds to pay the remaining balance of $12,833. Due to the fact the city is a partner on the project and the fountain will also be an enhancement to the local park in the city, officials wanted authorization to buy the remaining parts using city funding.

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