Southern Illinois University Carbondale Sees a Rise of 31Persent in Enrollment of First Time Students

The total number of first time college students at Southern Illinois University Carbondale went up by 31.2%. This total is a reflection of the 32.9 percent rise in new first-time students enrolling at the university from the local region. In addition, Southern Illinois University Carbondale also saw continued increases h in the freshman to sophomore retention rate. This is a reflection of the percentage of last year’s first-time freshmen who came back to campus for the current fall semester. This year’s rate is currently stands at 80.6, which is the highest rate in two decades. Officials say the increases reflect hard work across the whole campus and they are an indication l that the university will see positive growth in its total enrollment in the future. The university presently has an enrollment of 11,366. This is a 2.8% decrease from this point last year.

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