Airports throughout the State of Illinois to Get $25.5M in Grants

Some airports throughout the state of Illinois, includinga few within the Southern Illinois Region will get grant money. Officials say, this federal investment that is worth 1.2 million will improve the country’s current airport infrastructure, enhance safety, and make the growth stronger strengthen growth in local communities, which is especially important as the economy recovers from the coronavirus pandemic. Airports that the Department is awarding federal grants to include $1,325,829 to Veteran’s Airport of Southern Illinois to purchase snow removal equipment put in perimeter fencing, install runway lighting, rehabilitate lighting and rehabilitate an apron and a total of $9,083,331 was awarded o the State of Illinois for airport programs in  the entire state This is part of  over $1.2 billion in airport safety and infrastructure grants on behalf the Federal Aviation Administration awarded to 405 airports around the nation  and half a dozen  U.S. territories.

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