Southeast Missouri State University is Now Offering Mask Exemptions with Medical Documents

Members of the Classroom Safety subcommittee at Southeast Missouri State University have created a process for people who may be either medically or physically incapable of wearing a mask for long periods of time to apply for an exemption from classroom protocols. The primary facilities for students to contact in order to apply for a pass are the Dean of Students Office or the Center for Behavioral Health and Accessibility, while the Human Resource office is the primary contact for faculty and staff members to apply for a pass, officials say. Officials also say they have basically come up with a requirement for medical documentation that defines specifically why a person shouldn’t be wearing a mask. University officials say Southeast Missouri State University created their benchmark for applications based on what other institutions are currently doing along with information from the Americans with Disabilities Act. They also say they made the decision that medical reasons are the main reason they would exempt someone, because they want to make sure they keep the campus as safe as they can. Officials say the most common reasons for students or staff to apply for exemption is for lung disorders and asthma. Prior to any exemptions being given students should attempt to adjust their schedule in order to limit the amount of time they are on campus or they should wear a face shield rather than a mask ask because it is a further distance away from their face and this allows them to breathe easier. If students need additional information on the university’s mask exemptions they can call the Office for the Dean of Students.

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