Oak Ridge School District Officials Approve Plan for Both Virtual and Distance Learning

Members of the Oak Ridge School District gave their approval to plans for virtual and distance learning for the approaching school year. The plans allow the students in the district to learn remotely during short term school closings or for the entire academic year. District educators will educate their students during the short term distance learning, but any students that need to be educated remotely for the entire year will be essentially educated through the third –party vendor Edgenuity. Officials say they created the virtual learning option which is called BlueJay Nest after they saw that students from other local districts started to sign up for online learning. Officials say Edgenuity was recommended by their school’s COVID 19 task force due to the fact it was approved by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and it provides instruction for students of all ages. In addition, officials say Edgenuity gives all students the opportunity to work at a pace that’s good for them. Officials say that Edgenuity provides educators for the students in order to help monitor tutor all the students who are learning remotely, but the school district will talk to parents of students and Edgenuity to ensure their students are making progress. The deadline for students to sign up for Bluejay Nest is Friday.


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