Saxony Lutheran High School Installs Thermometers to Slow COVID 19 Spread

School administrators around the area have spent the summer season in order to keep everyone safe in schools during this school year. Officials at Saxony Lutheran High School put in high-tech thermometers to take the temperatures of everyone in the school and keep track of student attendance. The thermometers that were put in have facial recognition and they are able to tell who anyone is even if they are wearing a mask. Officials say the thermometer will recognize their face and they have their picture in it and then it will either tell them if their temperatures normal or not. If any students ever have a temperature that is warmer than 100.4 degrees, the machine will send an alert to school officials. Because the thermometer will be able to track student and staff attendance it will help with contact tracing. Officials say they will be able know who the person was in contact with during that time period.

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